Here’s what we’re cooking up on on the home front.

Winding Road

Scripted Podcast | 2020 | Audible Original
Famous musician William Hamilton, vanished from the Maleny Hinterlands in 1994 under puzzling circumstances — no one has seen or heard from him since. When two podcasters, Adam and Simon, decide to solve the 25-year-old mystery, they travel with Lilly, William’s youngest daughter, to the secluded Hamilton estate for a long weekend...

Written and directed by Clare Sladden and performed by Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things), Yael Stone (Orange Is the New Black), Noni Hazlehurst (The End), David Berry (Outlander), Anna McGahan (Picnic at Hanging Rock), Bernard Fanning (Powderfinger), Gabrielle Rogers (All Saints) with original music performed by Bernard Fanning and Elana Stone (All Our Exes Live In Texas) and with special guest Clementine Ford (Fight Like a Girl).

Liquid Moonlight

An Australian astronaut completing the final stages of her training before launching on a mission to the moon, struggles to end her breastfeeding relationship with her baby.

The Lead

10-part series | in development with Stan and Screen Queensland
Overweight acting teacher, Emily (30), is thrust into the spotlight when a scandalous encounter with an international heartthrob becomes front page news. After years in the shadows, Emily finally has the chance to prove to herself and the world that she is indeed, ‘a lead’.

This is a Broken Head Productions Pty Ltd project, with Danielle Redford producing alongside writer and producer Clare Sladden.

My Body Says

Documentary | 2020 | ABC TV
Four physically diverse people examine their bodies in front of a mirror to discover the stories, experiences and secrets that are documented in their flesh.

This is a Mama Bear Productions Pty Ltd project, which Danielle Redford co-produced.

Beyond Strange Lands

Scripted Podcast | 2020 | Audible Original
In 1982, the famous paranormal expert Grant Peters went missing while filming his TV show Legendary Australia. His wife Melissa was never able to find him. When Melissa herself disappears nearly forty years later, her daughter Fiona and grandson Ethan trace her to the small outback town of Boulia. There they discover a collection of old audio tapes that Melissa left behind: a set of clues they must follow if they’re to solve this mystery in time. Insidious forces will stop at nothing to destroy them, and an impossibly ancient menace lurks deep beneath the ground, waiting for the chance to strike....

And the Winner Is

When tennis champion and international superstar Stanley finds himself caught in the midst of a public scandal, he’s left with no other choice but to seek out the very best in crisis management. Contrary to Stanley’s expectations, the institute’s unconventional method descends into a surrealist nightmare as he is forced to relive the moments that changed the course of his life forever.