Things we do


- Work with feature filmmakers to find homes for their finished stories all around the world.

- Develop and produce content across formats and genres - short-form, long-form, podcast + multiplatform.


The pseudo-science version:

The ‘theoretical and methodological study of love via its psychology, related social sciences, history and historical analysis, philosophy, world religions and theology - the systemic search into revealing the nature and dynamics of love in all of its various forms and aspects. It is also the body of knowledge, theory and information into the nature and dynamics of the phenomenon known as love.

The simple version? The belief that every great story is a love story.

Love of others + self. Love of home, lost and found, built and yearned for.

Love of country, of body, of mind, of spirit, of soul. Love of land and sea and love of all that is conjured in the spaces in between. 

Love, that has shaped what has been, and love, that calls forth what it is that could be: this multifaceted love works its way into the nooks and crannies of the stories we look to in order to define ourselves. To find out what we’re named.

We are all about the curious revelation of love in all of its forms, taking up its unyielding and unruly space.

Danielle Redford

Danielle Redford is a creative producer and distributor, who’s worked in the Australian distribution industry since 2011 across all release platforms. Her short films The Neon King (2015) and And The Winner Is (2018, Screen Queensland Shorts) have travelled to audiences and screens including the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Byron Bay International Film Festival and Screamfest.

Her work under Loveology sees her in partnership with Australian feature filmmakers to bring their films to international audiences and actively developing projects for consumption across formats and genres.

She holds a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production from Griffith Film School, Queensland College of Arts, where she also teaches in the areas of Screen Producing and Screen Distribution. She’s ever-curious about how to craft stories that connect with audiences in honest and surprising ways, utilising the emerging opportunities in a fractured distribution landscape to identify new production opportunities and creative approaches.